About Us
If Luxury Is Your Life, We Speak Your Language

Founded in 2002, Oriental Media & Event Company Ltd was first established as a consultancy firm aiming to bring luxury in all its forms to Vietnam. From leading current fashion trends to designer lifestyle brands, the creative and determined staff of Oriental Media & Event Company Ltd spent years studying the unique demands of the new Vietnamese consumer.


In 2004, after having successfully created a niche in the media market, Oriental's team addressed the difficulties faced by international companies in reaching affluent Vietnamese, by creating the first line-up of real and true Vietnamese luxury publications. Driven by growing demand from a fast-expanding affluent consumer group, Oriental's publications have multiplied and now include titles covering luxury real estate, high-end watches, Vietnam’s dining and after-hours scene, resort and spa locales, as well as the country's most fashionable boutiques.





As the go-to source for the latest in high-end trends, Oriental has established itself as the platform for luxury brands and services in Vietnam. Oriental’s consistent and competent coverage of the market ensures that both its growing list of publications and its dedicated event division brings the best of the world’s fashion and style to Vietnam.





The combination of insightful, in-depth editorial, cooperation with the region’s best fashion photographers, and a commitment to the world’s top brands keep Vietnam’s most desirable consumers reading our hot-off-the-press, ever-expanding range of titles. As Vietnam’s market continues to look outside the country to satisfy its desires, we will be there. In Vietnam, luxury is our business – our only business.